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Credit/Resource Page

No one needs to comment to this as this is my resource/credit page for icons I make. This entry will contain brushes I have taken and will eventually use, pictures I use and anyone who has helped me with my icon making.

If you see something I haven't credited it's because I never booked marked where I got something from and in which case please comment and tell me if I need to credit.

dj43 sistasouljah99 meleada
makeuplovegloss contradictz setine_kitsune
slimblondje wonderland__ grey_doves
rxyangl resunik christmasangel
spikesbint peach_0221 cae_prince
jougen_no_tsuki propaganda_live wicked_avis
neke creamuts shellybear665
jougen_no_tsuki go_clo paine_09
ennife kalina_blue zequins

Lush Brushes
Heartland Brushes
Gails Brushes

Font Sites
Bitmap Fonts
1001 Fonts

Mystical Senshi
Sailor Scouts - Site not around at the moment
The Oracle
Soldiers Effigy PGSM Memorial Book
Sailor Universe - Manga downloads
Shine Aqua Illusion - Music from PGSM and Planet Symbols I use in my icons - screencaps of various attacks
Sailor Moon Manga Scans
Links to Sailor Moon galleries
dj_capslock, Pirates of the Caribbean Screenshots.
Sailor Moon Pictures rosedoe For uploading 1000 pictures of Sailor Moon, much love ;)
Blinkie Maker, I use on neopets to make blinkies with.
Thanks to marishna For lotsa Transformers 1 screen caps

Icon Tutorials
Black and White with Colour
Underwater and Fade Effect
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